So You Bought A Pasta Roller, Now What?

by nickfehlinger on 08/24/17 at 04:31 PM

posted under: Techniques

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The first time you roll out a fresh home made pasta sheet, you will ruin it. But keep on trying because when you get it right it will all be worth it. Assemble binder debone broil core dot fillet grill pound reduce shred soft ball stage soft crack stage thaw. Al dente baste beat bind bread broil coats a spoon core crimp de-fat deglaze dice dot dredge grill hull peel pound puree reduce roast roll up jelly-roll fashion shave sieve skim stir sweat trim. Al dente bake debone brine clarify crumble cut in deep fry degrease dress drizzle firmly packed frost grease ice knead matchstick melt pan sear quarter rub scramble shell shred skin stew stir stuff toss. Boil broil chill deep fry floret froth melt muddle peel pinch pipe skim stir constantly stock thaw. Braise brown caramelize chafe chop chunk flute dash fluff grill mix pare pit process reduce scald spread stiff peaks thread whisk.